We are an academic tertiary care center treating 2500 new cancer patients per year (>45000 fractions). Our clinical and scientific expertise include a broad spectrum of modern cancer therapy including imaging and high-precision radiotherapy. Our department is partner of the CCC with its Lung Center and the Translational Unit Immunotherapy. A total of 4 Linacs with IMRT/IGRT equipment, 12 board certified radiation oncologists including three specialised in lung cancer, 30 RTTs and a trial unit with coordiantors and nurses are available. The department has 40 beds for in- patients and a day clinic for outpatient chemotherapy.
The CCC treats 10000 patients (6500 newly diagnosed) per year. About 500 patients with lung cancer are treated at the CCC Tübingen. About 60-65 patients with NSCLC are treated in the Radiation Oncology Department per year. We participate in phase 1 to 3 trials and recruit about 250 patients per year in trial protocols. We have participated or will soon be initiated in 4 prospective multicentre trials in NSCLC. We currently have a phase 1 trial with immunotherapy in NSCLC and glioma running.