The University of Maastricht (UM) and the University Medical Center Maastricht (azM) work together under the umbrella organisation Maastricht UMC+, or Maastricht University Medical Center+. Maastricht UMC+ with a focus on health recovery, health preservation and health promotion. Quality, safety and patient focus are given our highest priority. Maastricht UMC+ has three mutually reinforcing core tasks: Patient care: We provide diagnostics and treatment, from basic care to top clinical and top referral care to the most complex patients; Research: We undertake scientific research, from fundamental to applied, that complements and contributes to the specializations within patient health care; Education and Training: We train new generations of doctors and researchers. In addition to these three core tasks, we realize that creating value from knowledge is becoming increasingly important. Of the eight Dutch university medical centers, the Maastricht UMC+ is the only one that is both a teaching and general hospital. This enables us to quickly implement research results into our patient care and use them for care improvement and innovation. Our service area as an academic healthcare institution stretches from South Limburg to South-East Brabant. MUMC+ is the major health care provider in the Limburg and Brabant area in the Netherlands. The Comprehensive Cancer Center Maastricht (CCCM), of MUMC+ offers not only state-of-the-art treatment to cancer patients but is also leading the Comprehensive Cancer Center Maastricht (CCCM), which links the oncology units of the Limburg and Brabant area of the Netherlands to MUMC+. CCCM standardizes and optimizes the medical care of the cancer patients, develops and participates in multicentre clinical trials and is also involved in translational research. CCCM is also highly active in postgraduate training. Our Clinical Trial Unit offers a full range of services in phase I, II and III clinical trials. The department of Radiation Oncology of MUMC+ has far-reaching expertise in phase I, II and III clinical trials. Our department has a state-of-the-art Phase I unit, treatment modalities and a fully equipped infrastructure for proper staging and treatment monitoring. We have extensive expertise in running clinical trials.