Health Innovation Ventures B.V. aims to revolutionise healthcare through several approaches. Specifically, two departments of Health Innovation V entures will be involved in the IMMUNOSABR project: OncoRadiomics department (HIV/OR): “Revolutionizing Precision Medicine with Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers” is what OncoRadiomics stands for. OncoRadiomics is a spin-off of Maastro Clinic and Maastricht University Medical Center, which will achieve more effective, individualized screening & therapy for cancer patients thanks to quantitative imaging. RADIOMICS is the main product, an innovative imaging analysis software solution that enables the extraction of unique quantitative features (and associated Radiomic signatures) from standard images to guide personalized cancer treatment (see animation: OncoRadiomics aims to bring Radiomics technology to the market, and ultimately to the clinic by means of certified solutions. The ambition of OncoRadiomics is to ensure that Radiomics becomes a first line diagnostic tool for tumor phenotyping and for clinical decision making. This way, Radiomics can be used in a clinical setting for, e.g., treatment response prediction, early identification patients responding to treatment, or identification of effective drugs in an early stage.  e-Learning4Health department (HIV/EL4H): e-Learning4Health develops e-Learning solutions for patients and professionals in the healthcare sector. These approaches are meant to be implemented in the clinical practice and enhance the way patients and health care professionals communicate, interact and learn.